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Sideways Sockyarn Baby Sweater

My goal for this pattern was to create an easy to knit side-to-side baby sweater, with as few seams as possible (because I really hate sewing seams). The knitting is straight forward, and any sock weight or fingering weight yarn should work wonderfully. Sock yarn that has 20% nylon should also have the advantage of being machine washable, making these sweaters as practical as they are unique. The patterned sock-yarns work up wonderfully, with sock-like striping on the sleeves, and the patterns shift in interesting ways on the body. The version I knit from Koigu also worked up gorgeously but with much more subtle, softer striping. The huge number of choices for sock-yarn give endless variations. The picture shows models knit from Opal, Koigu, and Regia yarn.

The pattern sizing includes instructions for newborns, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months, but I have also included instructions for knitting a size that will fit a standard 18" doll.

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Picture Gallery

Click on any of the following images see a full-sized, high-resolution version of the image.

18" Doll – Knit in Regia Color #5269

18" Doll – Knit in Regia Color #5269

Newborn – Knit in On Line Supersocke 100 Color #766

3 Months – Knit in Regia Color #5270

6 Months – Knit in Koigu KPPPM Color #P403

6 Months – Knit in Opal Basil Color #5001

18 Months – Knit in Opal Petticoat Color #1290
  Your own baby sweater picture could be here. Just send me an email with a digital picture and as much identifying information as you would like posted (hopefully at least the yarn used).
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